Monday, April 05, 2000 12:00
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Multiple Vendors are currently fulfilling the the US Army Material Command, Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command's (C-E LCMC), requirement for the Mission Command Development.
Each of the Mission Command products have been developed over many years under the purview of different organizations with limited unifying requirements in terms of development environment, development processes, commercial toolsets and common display and management mechanisms across products. Over the past several years, focus has been placed on unifying the Mission Command family of systems via System of Systems initiatives that support network centric concepts outlined in the DoD Chief Information Officers’s Net Centric data strategy.
The focus of the Mission Command product evolution will be a phased, evolutionary effort to migrate from individual domain specific systems to a service oriented environment where each system contributes to and consumes services across the enterprise and eventually integrates applications and common toolsets to achieve commonality in look and feel for the user. The evolving Mission Command environment will leverage services across the enterprise to include those provided for under the Distributed Common Ground Station-Army (DCGS-A), Future Combat Systems (FCS), Network Enabled Command Capability (NECC) and the standards and services provided under the Network Centric Enterprise Services (NCES). In the interim period, the contractor will sustain the existing and evolving system baselines. The planned migration schedule for transition of development support to this contractual vehicle is at Annex A. The goal of this contractual effort will be to support the SoS and net centric migration plans with a contractual vehicle that provides flexibility and a unifying framework for providing services.

• Engineering Support
• System Integration
• Incremental System Development
• Documentation of Engineering Efforts
• System Engineering



• Battle Command Developers’ Website
• Department of Defense Architectural Framework (DoDAF)
• Development of Battle Command systems to a service oriented, network centric architecture in accordance with the Army’s approved migration plan for Battle Command systems
• Development for functional system specific needs of the BC systems (interoperability, specific performance improvements, specific user prioritized system needs)
• Maintenance and support services for legacy product baselines in the transition period to a full service oriented network centric architecture
• Integration activity at the system level based on integration of system specific and SoS oriented services and provide for test and evaluation at the systems level as part of the development process