Monday, April 05, 2000 12:00
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Multiple vendors are fulfilling the Army's Communication Electronics Command's (CECOM) continuing requirement for rapid response services to support critical systems requirements for the Command and Control (C2) Systems Integration Directorate (C2SID).
The CECOM Rapid Response Project Office is chartered by the Deputy to the Commanding General, Communications-Electronics Command, to execute a unique, competitive, streamlined business process that will allow United States Federal Government managers to acquire contractor-provided services. The CR2 Project Office provides a unique support service that will aid all federal government managers to rapidly execute their requirements as identified by their mission objectives. The CR2 Project Office support service provided will be above and beyond those normally available at federal agencies.

• Acceptance testing
• Functional testing
• Integration testing
• Flight-testing
• Air-worthiness testing
• Full qualification testing
• System compatibility testing

• Field-testing and evaluation
• Logistics Support Analysis
• Hardware and software component testing
• Environmental tests and stress screening
• Subsystem and system level development testing
• Provide services in the Customer Assistance and Technical Program Support
• Electromagnetic interference testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing and TEMPEST

• Depot Maintenance Program which encompasses the depot (organic) and contractual overhaul programs