Monday, April 05, 2000 12:00
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Our systems engineering allows clients to access and manage real-time information and transaction processes across an entire organization. Our innovative solutions deliver value by increasing process efficiency; enhancing workforce productivity; cutting operating costs; boosting employee and customer satisfaction; and enabling better, faster decisions.
Cape Fox Professional Services provides a full range of IT support. Our approach utilizes industry standard best practices to design, install, manage, and support IT initiatives - we offer complete turn-key solutions.
Cape Fox Professional Services is able to implement new technologies while mantaining and transitioning legecy infrastructures with seamless effort. Our ability to integrate mission critical partners, manage expectations and bring full transparency into the world of IT continues to render exceptional client satisfaction.
Development and integration services focus on implementing enterprise systems. The Cape Fox Professional Services’ approach utilizes Agile iterative software development practices to rapidly implement functional and secure capability. By using concepts such as Attribute Driven Design, a holistic approach for defining the scope of development efforts is taken to provide customers complete solutions. As building enterprise systems comprises a combination of development and integration activities, our team leverages its Enterprise Systems Engineering processes to implement systems integration activities in parallel with software development efforts.
Key to how Cape Fox Professional Services supports customer efforts is the application of Enterprise Systems Engineering to manage products, apply architectural design, and implement new technology. Cape Fox Professional Services Enterprise Systems Engineering methodology supports implementation of solutions in accordance with industry best practice (CMMI, INCOSE, and ITIL) as well as integrates information assurance throughout the systems engineering lifecycle. The end result is a flexible, reliable, and predictable Enterprise Systems Engineering process that delivers results and is compliant with client polices for systems, software, and information assurance.