Monday, April 05, 2000 12:00
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ARNG’s goal is to prevent sexual assault and harassment by creating a climate where sexual misconduct is recognized and addressed in a way that respects the dignity [and worth] of every soldier, family member, and those outside the military community.

In September 2008, the Army launched the comprehensive Intervene. Act. Motivate. (I.A.M.) Strong campaign, a sexual harassment/assault prevention strategy, and a 5-year campaign to end sexual violence within the Army’s culture. The overall campaign goals are to institutionalize a preventive culture where sexual harassment/assault and the stigma of reporting these incidents are eliminated, and the propensity to report sexual violence is increased. The campaign consists of four overlapping phases that build upon the collective individual and unit force through committed Army leadership, Army-wide conviction to prevent incidents, achieving cultural change to institutionalize a culture of prevention and sustaining, and refining and sharing best practices within the Army and across the Nation.

SHARP reinforces the Army’s commitment to eliminate incidents of sexual harassment and assault through a comprehensive policy that centers on awareness and prevention, training and education, victim advocacy, response, reporting, and accountability. The SHARP Program shifts prevention focus from the victim to the offender. It also leverages soldier military competencies to disrupt a potential offender’s ability to perpetrate sexual violence unchecked. The Army and ARNG are changing how they train soldiers about sexual violence. They are being taught facts over myths; prevention, intervention, and response skills; and how sexual violence impairs readiness and the mission.

The Army and ARNG are currently in the process of transitioning to full SHARP Program implementations. As ARNG works to integrate the SHARP Program across its force, there will be unique aspects to implementation due to limitations and/or constraints in law and policy, geographic dispersion, funding, resourcing, and variation in soldier status and needs.

Cape Fox provides strategic, operational, and tactical- level SHARP support from management down to execution in ways that incorporate and adhere to leadership direction, regulations, policies, orders, and procedures governing operations and training. Our cadre of managers, logisticians, administrators, analysts, SMEs, instructional system designers, and trainers are experienced in planning, developing, and delivering comprehensive quality SHARP support services worldwide through face-to-face, remote, distance-learning, or Web-based protocols. We can draw upon existing relationships with SMEs who are leaders in the fields of public policy, cultural change, psychology, social marketing, curriculum development, and sexual violence prevention-intervention. In addition, our team is already familiar with the national blueprint program underway in the Army, does not require a lengthy orientation process, and can provide advice on current or proposed courses of action.