Monday, April 05, 2000 12:00
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Multiple vendors are currently fulfilling the Department of Army, Army Material Command (AMC), Communications Electronics Command (CECOM), Software Engineering Center's (SEC) requirement for Systems and Software Engineering Support (SSES NexGen).
The Communications Electronics Command (CECOM) Software Engineering Center (SEC) provides systems and software engineering support for many customers including, most prominently, Army Program Executive Officers (PEOs) and their Project Managers (PMs), the Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) and its components and other Department of Defense (DoD) elements.

The current contract provides support services to various divisions. This support includes automated battlefield systems support for the Communications Software Engineering Support Division, generic software process technologies, such as metrics, reuse, reengineering, software support tools and practices for the Engineering Support Division. This contract also supports the Command and Control Software Engineering Support Division's Army Tactical Command and Control System (ATCCS) nodal systems and ATCCS Common Hardware Software Components programs. The requirements of the Army Interoperability Network (AIN) Division are for systems and interface specifications, materials development plans and simulation modeling programs.

Provide engineering/technical services to the CECOM SEC and its components as listed below:

• Battlespace System Support Directorate
• Communications Software Engineering Support Division
• Executive Agent - Theatre Joint Tactical Networks
• Advanced Battlespace Solutions Directorate
• Army Interoperability Engineering Division
• Information Technology Applications Division
• Information Technology Engineering Directorate
• Information Operations/Assurance Support Division
• Information Technology Infrastructure Support Division
• Intelligence Fusion Software Engineering Support Branch
• Replication, Distribution, Installation, and Training Office

• Avionics/Intelligence Electronic Warfare (A/IEW) Software Engineering Support Division



This acquisition for systems and software engineering/technical services is not limited to these functional areas. Requirements may also include supporting other SEC components and their customers.
The primary objective of this contract is to acquire systems engineering and software engineering technical services to support life cycle activities associated with the MCDS software supported by SEC and the software engineering technology and interoperability efforts of SEC. This also includes various associated management and planning activities. The contractor will be required to provide personnel with a broad-based range of knowledge, skills, and abilities, which includes knowledgeable and skillful project management, as well as professional, technical and administrative support. Personnel assigned to this job need skills both in software engineering and in the specific functional area (i.e., communications, intelligence fusion, avionics, etc.) to which she or he is assigned.
• System and Software Acquisition Support
• Software Sustainment and Enhancement
• Field Support
• Rapid Reprogramming Support
• Computer Systems Support
• Virtualization Support
• Travel
• Training
• Contract Cost Containment
• Contract Program Management
• Engineering Change Proposal (ECP)
• Software Configuration Control
• Contractor Quality Evaluation Program
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
• Value Engineering Change Proposal (VECP)
• System Integration and Exercise Support

• Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) Support
• Information Technology Infrastructure Support
• Software Technology Demonstration and Transition
• Software Architecture and Technology (A&T) Support
• Information and Business Application Services Support
• Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Support
• Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Analysis Support
• Software Problem Reporting (SPR)/Incident Reporting (IR)
• Replication, Distribution, Installation, and Training (RDIT) Support
• Cyber Security, Information Assurance and Software Assurance Support
• Army Interoperability Standards, Process, Testing and Engineering Support
• Support to SEC Software Support Environments and Facilities and PPSS/PDSS
• Executive Agent for Theater Joint Tactical Networks (EA-TJTN) Action Office

• Strategic Initiatives Support, including program planning, opportunity identification, and business development support.